Our Ministries
The Companions of Francis has a number of ministries that are designed to be of service to all people regardless of faith tradition.

Sacramental Services

We offer the seven Sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation, Eucharist, Reconciliation, Matrimony, Anointing the Sick, & Holy Orders regardless of race, nationality, gender, gender-identity, and sexuality.  We believe the Sacraments are God's gifts of Grace and Unity for all people.

Teaching Ministry

The Companions of Francis are in the process of creating many educational opportunities through udemy.com.  We are currently working on a full seminary program available for as little as $20 per course.  We are developing certificate programs in Franciscan Spirituality, Church History and more.

Spiritual Direction

We have a number of friars who are spiritual directors and who offer this service on a sliding scale to those who are discerning a change in their life.  A spiritual director is like a counselor who works with you at the intersection of your spiritual and personal life.  Spiritual direction is not meant to help with mental health issues.

A Home for Creative Clergy

Most Churches or Religious Institutes require an exclusive relationship between the cleric and the leadership.  The Companions of Francis are attempting something new.  Instead, we seek ministries and ministers of all faiths, who need an Ecclesiastical endorsing agency, to apply to affiliate with us.  We will provide formation and oversight without controlling how you express your ministry.