Companions of Francis
About Us

Seven Sacraments

We offer the seven Sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation, Eucharist, Reconciliation, Matrimony, Anointing the Sick, & Holy Orders.

Progressive Nature

We offer the Sacraments regardless of race, nationality, gender, gender-identity, and sexuality.  We believe the Sacraments are for everyone.

Spiritual Life

We are Friars (male and female) who live a shared life of prayer, worship, and services of all people, especially the poor.

Our Friars

We are a faith family and community, bound by our desire to serve. We are all Friars, spiritual siblings, and each individual is free to choose the honorific that fits their unique place in our faith family.

How we walk with Jesus

We are an inclusive and affirming faith community, bringing the message of God's Love to all people without judgement. We experience beauty and amazement in all of creation and believe the world to be full of purpose and meaning. Our worship and prayer are infused with the presence of God, honoring the creativity and sanctity of God's presence in our diverse world. We engage a world in need with our spiritual gifts of service to put our faith into practice. We strive to continually bring Jesus' message of love, unity, and reconciliation to everyone by living the way of Jesus, with welcoming arms open to all.

What does Apostolic Sacramental mean?

Within the Sacramental Churches -- those churches who administer the seven sacraments instituted by the early Church -- the term Apostolic means the passing of the mantle of leadership by way of Holy Orders. The authority of the Apostles, via the Holy Spirit, is passed from one generation of leaders to the next by laying of the hands, or ordination, thereby ensuring an unbroken line of bishops from the Apostles to the present. The Apostolic Sacramental Church traces its lineage back to the Apostles through this unbroken line of succession.

Apostolic History

The Companions of Francis holds valid apostolic succession through the lines of several historical Churches.  We seek the via media (middle way) to understand Christianity through logic, reason, and theology. Like our brothers and sisters in other Sacramental Churches, we are progressive-minded in our pursuit of Christ's reconciling, healing, and unifying message of love.

Our motto is "Ubi Caritas et Amor," which means we minister at the intersection of charity and love. In addition, we identify as Catholic in that we participate in the Universal message of salvation through Jesus Christ.

Companions of Francis is a self-governing religious community in the Apostolic Sacramental Church and is not affiliated with any other Institutional Church.

All of our Apostolic lines of succession begin with the Roman Catholic Church

17th in line from Frederick Samuel Willoughby — Old Catholic (Utrecht)

18th in line from Mar Abdulmasih II of Antioch — Syro-Malankara

18th in line from Gerardus Gul — Old Catholic (Utrecht)

19th in line from Carlos Duarte Costa — Brazilian Catholic Apostolic Church.

19th in line from Sebastião Cardinal Leme da Silveira Cintra — Roman Catholic Direct Line

More Details

Each of these lines of succession have been vetted and validated.