Franciscan Community
Companions of Francis is an Apostolic Religious Institute in the Franciscan Tradition

Our Charism

When calling St. Francis to a dedicated religious vocation, the Lord said to him, “Francis, go and rebuild my church which, as you see, is falling down." Like Francis, we recognize the need for rebuilding the people of God, the Church, through deep healing and reconciliation. People have been hurt by the Institutional Church's urge to marginalize, reject, and abuse. We strive to serve those wounded by the Church through reparative experiences of acceptance, affirmation, and healing so that their faith can grow and flourish again. Our vows of Simplicity, Fidelity, and Unity lay the foundation for our ministry of repairing.

Reflection on Simplicity

Rev. Sibling MJ, Provincial of the Community, shares a reflection on the vow of simplicity taken by the Companions of Francis.

Dedication to Unity

We are a community, inspired by Acts 9, who strives for radical unity and inclusion. Jesus models it for us in the Gospel according to St. Mark (Ch. 5), in which Jesus encounters a man with an unclean spirit. The man says, "My name is Legion, for we are many." When Jesus encounters people tormented by a spirit of darkness, like Legion, the individual speaks of themselves in the plural saying, "What have you to do with us? Have you come to destroy us?" In Acts 9:4, when Jesus encounters Saul on the road to Damascus - a journey in which Saul intends to persecute groups of Christians - Jesus says, "Why are you persecuting me?" Evil is a force that shatters the individual while Jesus' desire is to unite the many into One Body. This too is our desire - to reunite those that religion and the Church have disenfranchised.

About Us

Ministry Incubator

As part of our process of rebuilding, we have decided that our ministry will be interspiritual in nature.  We believe that all edifying forms of spirituality are worthy of our attention and interest.  We seek to understand them so that we are better equipped to minister to people of different faiths and cultures. Likewise, we desire to provide an ecclesiastical endorsement program for those who minister independently from an institution.  We are interested in endorsing quality ministries for chaplains, ministers, and others who are seeking the community and companionship of a group of like-minded and experienced ministers.  If you are interested in exploring endorsement with CFARI, use the contact form to get in touch.